You know who you are.

I'm being lazy with the exposure adjustments here, and not aiming for art.

All are from just-unboxed D200 with NO changes to default settings, except for placing it in aperture priority and the occasional EV tweak here and there.

Theses are all Highest Quality JPEGs saved straight from Nikon Capture with NO adjustments.

Click through for larger JPEG with fuller EXIF info.

Aperture s/w gallery has a max of 1200 pixels per side, so still far from 100%. I'll point dpreview forum members to the fullsize JPEGs in the list posting.

Image 1
  • DSC_0009
  • |
  • 12/19/05 5:56:34 PM EST
  • |
  • NIKON D200
  • |
  • 2592 x 3872
  • |
  • f2.8
  • |
  • 1/60
  • |
  • +0.7ev
  • |
  • 75mm
  • |
  • 50mm
  • |
  • ISO100
First, a picture of my Papillon, Penny, just because I wanted hers to be the first picture  
I  took and published from my D200. So there.  
Sharpness freaks, note that this is at f/2.8, so very shallow DOF, and the focus point is  
her snout, not her eyes. So there.